March 2019 issue

    Solvency II’s benefits go beyond lower capital requirements

    Deloitte Luxembourg’s Daniel Capocci and Xavier Zaegel argue investors are increasingly using it as a screening tool to capture higher quality infrastructure assets.

    Tech is the biggest challenge for GPs in growing their firms

    Conducting effective due diligence on the host of technology options available is both time- and resource-intensive, Brian Bonilla finds.

    How Partners Group does tech

    Chief technology officer Raymond Schnidrig explains how the $78bn firm uses the tools at its disposal.

    Taiwan’s offshore wind debacle

    After an unexpected feed-in-tariff cut, investors and developers ponder whether they have overlooked political risks in a seemingly promising market.

    The carried interest model could be improved. Here’s why it won’t be

    Making LPAs more akin to contracts between fund managers and their portfolio company execs would lead to better GP-LP alignment.

    What the Belt and Road can learn from the AIIB

    As criticism against the initiative grows around the globe, the Beijing-based multilateral offers clues on how to move forward.

    Are investors unrealistic when it comes to renewables?

    New research suggests allocations to the sector are set to double over the next five years. But nostalgia seems to be driving what investors want and obscuring what they can get.

    The rise of the activist pensioner

    First Super CEO Bill Watson worries it’s only a matter of time before his superannuates realise they own some of the assets providing them a poor service. He’s right to do so.

    The social-governance revolution

    Against a backdrop of ever-increasing scrutiny on corporate behaviour, five industry professionals tell us how their firms are maintaining their licence to operate.

    Settlement shows cost of getting traffic forecasts wrong

    Macquarie Capital has settled a lawsuit with Syncora Guarantee for $38m, following accusations of using inflated projections to secure a toll road acquisition. We find the pre-crisis deal offers some valuable lessons for the transportation industry.

    Keeping the faith in Europe’s mid-market

    The French manager had a busy 2018 celebrating a fourth fund close and 10 years of existence. Founder and CEO Vincent Levita and partner Bruno Candès tell us what’s next for the firm and why they will keep saying no to larger deals.

    Year in Review: Asia becomes a renewables hotspot

    Higher returns and high growth rates are pushing investors to explore the region, that has become one of the hotspots for green energy investment.

    Year in Review: Making the free market a little less free

    While the West has long distrusted Chinese investment in infrastructure, in 2018 this has been extended beyond China, exposing worrying trends.

    Year in Review: Diversity’s growing momentum

    The #MeToo movement gave a new urgency to diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace, fuelling a conversation that grew increasingly louder in 2018. With much still to be done, do not expect a change of topic in the coming year.

    Year in Review: Digital goes mainstream

    The sector is growing rapidly and there are pools of capital - some dedicated - ready to invest.

    Year in Review: Fundraising’s Big Bang

    More than $80bn has been raised for pure-play infrastructure strategies as of mid-December, setting the stage for an even bigger 2019.

    Hermes on infrastructure investors’ legitimacy challenge

    Hermes head of infrastructure Peter Hofbauer explores how populism and protectionism could hurt private sector investment unless the infrastructure industry embraces change.

    II Awards 2018: I Squared sweeps the board

    The fund manager triumphed across a range of regions and sectors, not to mention our global fundraising and fund manager categories. Antin and GIP are two of the other stand-outs of our 10th global awards.

    II Awards 2018: Global winners

    I Squared, AMP Capital, Brookfield and OTPP are among the winners in our global category.

    II Awards 2018: Americas winners

    I Squared, Stonepeak and Calpine were among those who walked away with the titles.

    II Awards 2018: Europe, Middle East and Africa winners

    Antin Infrastructure Partners, Meridiam and InfraVia were among those picking up the prizes in EMEA.

    II Awards 2018: Asia-Pacific winners

    Equis, Macquarie and Palisade were among those winning titles in Asia-Pacific

    Wilmington Trust: From data centres to the dawn of 5G

    Will Marder, Wilmington Trust’s head of project finance, discusses how tech advancements are transforming infrastructure opportunities.

    Energy investment: Deutsche Bank on keeping it clean

    From subsidy-free renewables to the rise of corporate PPAs, Deutsche Bank Corporate Trust’s Dean Kennedy and Thalia Delahayes discuss the latest trends in clean energy investment.

    Pacific Equity Partners: Bringing a PE approach to Australasian infra

    MDs Andrew Charlier and Paul Foster discuss Pacific Equity Partners’ first infra vehicle, what sets it apart from traditional infra investing and where the best opportunities are likely to be found.