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World Bank launches Sudan PPP initiative

The programme, which commenced after the Obama administration lifted sanctions, seeks to make the African country a more welcoming place for private investors.

The Sudanese government and the World Bank launched the country’s first PPP initiative in January, backed by a grant from the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility designed to help improve the policy and regulatory environment in Sudan.

The programme’s launch came nine days after the US announced the rollback of sanctions, allowing for greater trade and investment between the two countries. Xavier Furtado, the World Bank’s representative to the nation, called it a “critically important moment for Sudan” and said the programme will help the country “take full advantage of new opportunities that may now be on the horizon”.

The initiative began with a 2015 request from Sudan’s Finance and Economic Planning Ministry, according to the World Bank, leading to a year of intensive discussions. The one-year technical assistance programme will seek to help link key sectors of the economy and foster better collaboration with international development partners. The PPIAF grant will provide $321,000 in assistance.

Castalia Advisors, an international consulting firm, will support the World Bank in implementing the programme. An advisor for the firm said the new strategy will help to develop “real, impactful and successful projects”.

Since the secession of South Sudan in 2011, Sudan has been faced with the loss of most of its oil revenue and the continued impact of two decades of US sanctions. The World Bank has called for reforms in the country, including greater support for P3s.