February 2012 Issue

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    Year: 2012

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    Blossoming brown

    If France’s greenfield pipeline is diminishing in size, then it’s probable that 2012 will be remembered as the year when a significant number of opportunities in the country were of a different shade

    Flaherty: ‘huge opportunity’ in oil and gas

    In an exclusive interview with Infrastructure Investor, Jim Flaherty, Canada’s Minister of Finance (pictured), said the focus of infrastructure development in Canada would be on projects helping to drive economic growth – with pipelines running from west to east a priority.

    Faded green

    France was Europe’s largest public-private partnership market in 2011 and will probably continue to rank at or near the top this year. But the age of the mega-greenfield projects is coming to an end, reports Bruno Alves

    Much to play for

    It may not be a big enough playground for some investors, but opportunities continue to fl ow in Canada for those who like their deals modestly sized. Joel Kranc met with six infrastructure professionals in Toronto to get their thoughts on what’s coming through the pipeline in one of the world’s most advanced PPP markets

    'California was a leader’

    As a state government official, Dale Bonner helped pioneer California privatisation. Now a master fixer for hire, he talked to Chris Glynn about his raison d’être: private capital and Golden State infrastructure

    Is anyone listening?

    The design of the infrastructure fund model appears to be gradually evolving to meet investor needs. But this does not mean the industry can rest on its laurels. Chris Glynn caught up with two infrastructure professionals for their insights into the GP/LP dialogue

    LPs: our key demands

    What do investors look for in infrastructure funds before they commit money to them? Infrastructure Investor surveyed over 50 limited partners to find out their opinion on aspects of fund formation, and Bruno Alves explores the results

    Going after the big beasts

    In the rush to first close, infrastructure GPs are concentrating their fundraising efforts on the largest investors. Might there be a price to pay in future? Andy Thomson reports

    Guess who’s back?

    Assured Guaranty’s recent UK bond deal heralds the return of one of the strongest monoline insurers. But those banking on a comeback of the whole monoline industry should keep the champagne corked.

    Time to focus on the bigger picture

    The US PPP market has been riven by one-off disappointments, but some states are now opting for a more systematic approach to procurement.

    Not a shockwave, but another blow

    ‘West by Northwest’ was supposed to be a launch-pad for privatisation in the Peach State. But its recent termination is in keeping with a disappointing and all-too-frequent pattern.

    Green light for PPPs

    With a new public-private partnership framework in place, Mexico is likely to attract a surge in investor interest. But much will depend on how individual states respond.

    Like your strategy – not sure about your fund

    For core brownfield fund managers, a recent survey provided a slap on the back – but also hinted at the possibility of a slap in the face.

    The skaters are back on board

    A Kentucky skate park is no longer is line for demolition by PPP.

    The ghost of Henry VIII

    Was forcing BAA to sell some of its airports ‘probably the biggest expropriation in the UK since the Anglican Reform’? One lawyer thinks so.

    ‘Occupy’ versus Goldman (Infrastructure)

    With Goldman Sachs an arch-nemesis for protest groups, a seaport company faced a day of antagonism.

    Washington has transport PPP potential

    A state commissioned early stage study on transportation infrastructure in Washington identified two roads that would benefit from being developed as public-private partnerships. But not every project is best suited to such partnerships.

    BBVA top in subdued debt market

    The Spanish bank overthrew France’s BNP Paribas to take top MLA spot in Infrastructure Investor Assets’ league tables for 2011, while energy continued to be the most popular sector for a second year in a row.