Tell me a story

There is no shortage of US politicians ready to hold forth on the subject of infrastructure. And it’s not meant to be in any way a slight when we suggest that Congressman John Delaney is one of those. With his bipartisan Infrastructure 2.0 Act and plans for a new infrastructure fund to boost investment, Delaney speaks passionately on the subject and has done much to advance the infrastructure agenda.

But now, it seems, Delaney has switched gears to one of reading and listening rather than talking – he is inviting his Maryland constituents to get in touch and “share their stories about how America’s inadequate infrastructure is impacting their daily lives”. He has even set up an email address to make this story sharing a simple process:

So, if you are in the US – or at least have experience of US infrastructure – Delaney’s your man. Go right ahead and tell him your favourite story.