April 2015 Issue

    Month: April
    Year: 2015

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    Different paths, same destination

    Three senior executives from infrastructure fund managers, three varying strategic models. But Andy Thomson discovers one common denominator: the vital importance of asset management

    Diving into the big pond

    After four months in his new job as AMP Capital’s global head of infrastructure equity, Boe Pahari has already put his imprint on the business’s strategy and team. He tells Matthieu Favas about his ambitious plans for making the Australian fund manager a truly international player

    Colombia: On the right road

    Colombia has gone the extra mile to lure investors to its road programme. Eyes are also on its energy opportunity

    The US: Big country, lots of energy

    Midstream energy continues to be one of the sectors investors find most appealing in the US despite falling oil prices

    Mexico: Boom-ready

    Despite the falling oil price, the fundamentals remain in place for Mexico to attract substantial amounts of capital to its energy sector

    Australia: Still top of the tree, but wobbling

    Last year, Australia was an easy pick as our hottest global infrastructure market. Now, the chasing pack has closed in

    Changes, but not (yet) at the top

    Following our inaugural ranking last year, we once again assess the world’s ten hottest infrastructure investment markets. Analysis by Andy Thomson, Kalliope Gourntis and Chase Collum

    Europe: UK is ‘first port of call’

    When investors examine opportunities in Europe it’s still the UK that tends to catch their eye, says Jason Clatworthy of Deloitte UK. He also runs the rule over the Nordic markets and Germany

    Gusts of honour

    As onshore wind becomes increasingly commoditised, investors looking to safeguard returns have to venture into some of the sector’s less explored corners. Matthieu Favas speaks to the market to find out where there’s still value to be found

    MENA: On the up as oil price falls

    Governments in the region have been cautious about private sector involvement in infrastructure, but the assumption that they can provide all the required funding is now being challenged. David Brazier and Umer Ahmad of Deloitte Middle East examine the landscape

    Australia: Clouds in a blue sky

    Australia has become the centre of global attention for the infrastructure asset class. James Riddell, Deloitte Australia’s leader of Corporate Finance and Infrastructure M&A leader at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte Global), hopes that political uncertainty will not tarnish that hard-won status

    Turkey: Opening up

    Signs are emerging that overseas investors may be able to grab a slice of the pie in Turkey’s much-hyped infrastructure market

    UK: Hard to find a way in

    The attractiveness of the UK as an investment destination is clear, but a lack of deals is frustrating

    Netherlands: Leading the charge in Europe

    The Netherlands has won plaudits for developing an optimal PPP delivery process

    Canada: Quintessentially innovative

    Despite having to shelve some capital projects – at least temporarily – Canada has strong and reliable deal flow and a flair for creativity

    Philippines: Progress, but also controversy

    There is still a lot to like about the Philippines’ PPP market, but now things seem a little less straightforward

    Indonesia: No doubting the ambition

    The opportunity set in Indonesia is wide, but the private sector may need some convincing that the market is investor-ready

    Capital magnet

    They came from around the world to gather for the leading infrastructure asset class event. Andy Thomson summarises Berlin Summit 2015.

    Opening the door for retail

    As infrastructure investment becomes increasingly popular among investors of all stripes, retail investors are migrating into the space through exchange-traded funds. Chase Collum examines developments.

    Launch platform

    The UK’s PIP has made a good start at rethinking the way pensions can access infrastructure, but it remains to be seen whether it is capable of deploying a lot of money on their behalf.

    Reframing the multiplier effect

    Estimating infrastructure’s multiplier effect may not be an exact science but it cannot be dismissed altogether.

    Can Australia be taken at its word?

    The Victoria government appears to be considering legislation to avoid paying a private consortium compensation if a project is shelved.

    Tell me a story

    A US Congressman is in a mood to listen as he hones his infrastructure plans for the nation.

    Public recognition

    The UK government has announced plans to acknowledge public taxpayer contributions to infrastructure through the use of plaques.

    A spaceport is a giant leap closer – but what is it?

    The UK government recently shortlisted possible locations for a spacecraft launching site.

    Fashion, M25 style

    London Fashion Week gave the green light to a motorway tribute. 

    Will infrastructure be the election winner?

    With the UK general election around the corner, Dr Stuart Thomson of Bircham Dyson Bell explores the infrastructure priorities of the main parties

    Flawed, but still attractive

    While criticism that the US P3 market hasn’t yet delivered on its promise can also be levelled at airport privatisation, Kalliope Gourntis finds reasons investors should remain optimistic

    Decisions, decisions

    A couple of government flip-flops and impending regulation changes mean big deals will likely be scarce in France this year. But a little change would suffice to unlock a fresh stream of opportunities investors tell Matthieu Favas