July / August 2016 Issue

    Month: July
    Year: 2016

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    Fostering innovation

    Gregory J. Smith, president and CEO, InstarAGF Asset Management, calls for a procurement revolution to unlock much-needed funding

    Value harder to find after boom

    Social infrastructure might be somewhat dormant, but innovative investors up and down the risk spectrum can still find opportunities, writes Bruno Alves

    Leading the way

    AIIM chief executive Jurie Swart explains how an understanding of the African environment and a highly-skilled team have been central to the business’ success over the last 16 years

    The bankability challenge

    Africa Finance Corporation’s Oliver Andrews and Osaruyi Orobosa outline why it is still so hard to make African projects bankable

    Plugging Africa’s power gap

    The continent’s energy sector offers plenty of opportunities for private investors, but the lack of bankable projects remains a considerable challenge.

    Fortune favours the persistent

    Dealflow constraints, political changes of heart and fierce competition are all part of the Australian landscape. But five industry champions tell Matthieu Favas why the market continues to compare favourably to its peers

    Catching up with Down Under

    Limited in size and prone to short-term turbulence, the Australian market can’t be the whole answer to investors’ dealflow problems. But those who stay for the long haul stand to be rewarded.

    Your electricity – sold by Apple, in California

    The tech giant has formed a subsidiary to sell excess power from its renewable facilities. Incumbents beware.

    Picking up steam

    A flurry of activity is putting the African power sector in the limelight. Matthieu Favas takes stock of the latest breakthroughs

    Green light for green energy

    Our fundraising radar stayed away from the big hitters this month to concentrate on renewable ventures, follow-on efforts and listed infrastructure. Matthieu Favas reports

    The distributed wind pioneer

    After years of research and getting to know the market, Russell Tencer, founder of United Wind, is making his distributed-wind model a mainstream investment, reports Jordan Stutts

    BlackRock eyes North American power

    The firm has hired Pat Eilers from Madison Dearborn Partners to build a team – and eventually new products – focused on conventional power, as Bruno Alves reports

    Solar in Italy, act II

    Generous solar tariffs created a highly fragmented market. Now investors are seizing this opportunity to make a play for consolidation, as Jordan Stutts reports

    CalSTRS’ head of infra to retire

    Diloshini Seneviratne retired at the end of June to spend more time with her family and focus on volunteer work, reports Bruno Alves

    Take a closer look

    Control Risks’ Jean Devlin, Oliver Wack and David Lea take us on a journey across three continents to outline how social risk can be mitigated

    To hedge, or not to hedge

    Actually, that is not the question. For those who invest in emerging markets, the real question is how to hedge. 

    Insuring against intermittency

    What are wind investors supposed to do when the weather poses a risk to production? Some are turning to insurance products to stabilise cashflows, finds Jordan Stutts

    Please close the back door

    Too few infrastructure assets are sufficiently prepared against cyber-attacks. For governments and operators, it’s time to plug in, writes Matthieu Favas

    Focus on the assets

    When volatility and instability take hold in various parts of the world, where does an infrastructure investor focused exclusively on emerging markets run for cover? Kalliope Gourntis finds out

    All risks lead to disruption

    We take a look at five key infrastructure risks in the pages that follow, analyse how they threaten investments and outline what can be done to mitigate them, writes Bruno Alves

    The cost of misinformation

    Time and again the industry is inundated with information about widening investment gaps and how to address them. But one basic step is often overlooked

    Bridging complexity

    TMF Group’s Bruno Bagnouls and Paul Adamiak talk about the firm’s international expertise and its unique corporate trust and fund administration offering in infrastructure

    The entrepreneurial investor

    Launched 15 years ago, PSP Investments has become one of Canada’s largest pensions. Guthrie Stewart walks Kalliope Gourntis through the organisation’s growth story and explains how PSP strives to be non-institutional