March 2017 Issue

    The first-time veteran

    A quarter of a century after making its infrastructure debut, AMP Capital closed its maiden global fund on $2.4bn at the end of last year. Matthieu Favas sits down with infrastructure equity chief Boe Pahari to assess how the firm fits in relative to its peers

    Once bitten, not quite twice shy

    Just a few years after scaring away its renewable energy investors, the Italian and Spanish governments want them back. Zak Bentley finds out what’s changed

    Energy key to Mexico’s growth

    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox scored a historic presidential victory in 2000, bringing the National Action Party to power and ending 71 years of uninterrupted rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party. Ahead of his appearance at Infrastructure Investor’s Global Summit 2017, President Fox tells Bruno Alves how Mexico’s energy reform can end decades of low growth and what the country can do to protect itself from a trade war with the US

    The long game

    Low gas prices, protests at home, and a US president who seems bent on walling the country off have challenged Mexico’s energy sector. But three years after a series of reforms that opened the country to the private sector, Mexico will not be turning back, reports Andrew Vitelli

    Segmentation now

    Maturity is giving rise to multiple infrastructure debt strategies that go beyond a senior/junior split. Six industry professionals tell Bruno Alves how to hunt for relative value in a fast-changing market, why mezz might be better than core equity, and how it can be difficult to price assets in a distorted market

    Strategy shifts in the digital age

    Enhanced reporting is holding fund managers which tweak their mandates en route increasingly accountable

    Spotlight: Policemen's Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago

    Chicago Policemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund’s Aoifinn Devitt talks about the $2.4 billion pension’s investment strategy and outlook on the infrastructure market following a $50 million commitment to mid-market investor Ullico and an increased allocation to 4 percent for the asset class. Jordan Stutts reports

    Ending Dodd-Frank

    Many in US private equity are hoping for far-reaching regulatory relief under President Trump – but only mildly optimistic that it will happen

    GIB: vital catalyst or bloated giant?

    Forget about ‘asset stripping’ by new buyers. The real question is whether private capital is the best way to keep the Green Investment Bank’s mission alive, argues Bruno Alves. But Gleacher Shacklock’s Martin Falkner* counters the GIB’s catalyst days are over and it’s time for it to exit mature sectors like offshore wind

    Beyond sovereign

    The EBRD and MIGA came up with an ingenious solution to uplift the debt backing Turkey’s Elazig hospital above the country's sovereign rating, attracting investors who might otherwise not have participated in the project. Zak Bentley reports

    Plunging costs, burgeoning opportunity

    John Breckenridge, Capital Dynamics’ head of clean energy and infrastructure investment management, talks about the clean energy opportunity in Europe and the US and why its drivers are not going away

    Managing carbon risk

    Charles Donovan, director of the Centre for Climate Finance and Investment at Imperial College London, and Simon Wilde, senior MD at Macquarie Capital, explain why investors need to take immediate action to insulate their portfolios against climate change

    A fresh tailwind

    A fresh tailwind 2017-03-01 Investments in private infrastructure have experienced steady growth in the past few years. Following a relatively short-lived slowdown in fundraising after the global financial crisis (2009–2012), infrastructure fundraising returned to the pre-crisis levels

    The time to invest is now

    InfraRed partner Stéphane Kofman explains why the last two years have created a very attractive pipeline of European offshore wind opportunities for financial and institutional investors.