July/August 2018 issue

    Month: July
    Year: 2018

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    Big data is watching you

    Big data is already revolutionising several industries across the globe so there’s no reason it wouldn’t do the same for the toll roads sector. As one of the world’s largest toll road operators, Spain’s Abertis is in a privileged position to gather all sorts of interesting data points. So, what did it do with its […]

    Talk about ‘sunk costs’

    Software giant Microsoft is giving new meaning to the term ‘sunk costs’… by literally sinking a new data centre off the coast of Orkney, in north-eastern Scotland. The pilot project will see the data centre powered and connected to the wider world via an undersea cable. Microsoft’s thinking here is that, by dropping this facility […]

    A key-man conundrum

    KKR’s poaching of CLSA’s head of real estate has implications for private fund managers of all asset classes, finds Toby Mitchenall.

    Suspicious minds

    Interest rate rises are a chief concern for infrastructure investors. But the asset class is proving resilient throughout different economic cycles. If anything, as rates increase, so does interest from investors.

    A game of risk

    Demand for regulated assets shows no signs of abating, but neither does regulatory risk as a major investor concern. We delve into the apparent cognitive dissonance.

    Rethinking reputation

    Maintaining a good track record, resisting style drift and choosing the right partners are usually the boxes ticked to mitigate reputational risk. But with the rise of the #MeToo movement, industry stakeholders need to expand their horizons.

    Back in the saddle

    After nine years, the pension's new head of infrastructure, Scott Lawrence, is back at the group he helped launch. With an influx of member money on the cards and scope to increase its infra allocation from 8% to 10%, we find out what’s next for CPPIB.

    Backing the future

    Amid uncertainty in many other markets around the world, Australia’s infrastructure pipeline remains strong, despite the end approaching for big-ticket privatisations, a group of industry experts argue.

    China’s great VC experiment?

    Right now, the 'One Belt One Road' initiative is mostly benefitting Chinese investors. Whether it will seed a bigger boom, capable of attracting a substantial amount of non-Chinese private capital is an open question. Nia Tam investigates.

    Wake up and smell the risk

    A UK parliamentary report reveals some of the country’s top pension funds remain ‘worryingly complacent’ on climate change issues. They are in danger of being left behind.

    Diversity matters

    The fact workplace diversity played a role in Chicago Teachers’ recent $50m infrastructure allocation underlines how important the issue is becoming to LPs.

    ‘Super-core’ funds capture the zeitgeist with focus and duration

    Macquarie coined it and Brookfield’s also minting it but expect others to latch on to this catchy moniker as the cycle turns.

    The benefits of being independent

    Will Marder, managing director and head of project finance at Wilmington Trust, talks about the role of third-party corporate trust providers in today’s complex deal environment.