2014 Banking Awards: Final day for submissions!

Our second annual banking awards aim to recognise the most innovative players in the realm of infrastructure project and deal financing. 

Today is the final day to submit nominees for the 2014 Infrastructure Investor Banking Awards, which aim to recognise excellence in no fewer than 17 categories that we believe are representative of the state of the industry today.

Click HERE to make your submissions. 

Last year, with the help of our readers and panel of expert judges, we selected winners from 10 categories highlighting some of the most innovative debt financiers in the industry. Achievements recognised comprised the first projects to be completed using credit enhancement initiatives, creative public-private partnership agreement formations, and financings targeting new areas such as North American pipelines.

We were impressed with the quality of submissions last year, which included the University of Hertfordshire Student Accommodation project and the Zaanstad Penitentiary project, respectively nominated by RBC Capital Markets and Nataxis. 

We have no doubt our judges will again find themselves in the difficult position of having to choose from a field strong candidates  in a post-Crisis environment that is forcing lenders to use all their resources, expertise and inventiveness to fend off competition on multiple fronts.