AWARDS: It’s the final countdown

With 10 days left before voting closes, time is running out for you to decide on who were the best performers in the asset class in 2012. Read on to find out about some of the current close calls.

Voting for the Infrastructure Investor Annual Awards 2012 is entering its final stretch, with only 10 days left to decide who the best performers in the infrastructure asset class were.

These last 10 days will be crucial to decide on the deadlocks emerging in some categories – like Global infrastructure deal of the year, North American infrastructure fundraising of the year, and Latin America bank of the year – where nominees are currently neck and neck. 

Of course, there is still plenty of time to make your vote count. To do so, please click here

The awards recognise excellence in the infrastructure asset class in 46 different categories, highlighting the achievements of fund managers, limited partners, banks, developers, law firms and service providers all over the world. 

These are the only awards voted on by the industry for the industry, so take 10 minutes to share your views. 

The rules are simple:

•You may only vote once and you may not vote for yourself or your own firm. 

•You are not required to vote in all categories – simply vote in those that are of interest to you. And – of course – all votes are confidential.

•You will need to leave a company email address and agree to the survey terms and conditions for your vote to be eligible.

So, without delay, please make your views count here.