California seeks bidders for first PPP

The replacement of San Francisco's Doyle Drive is the first PPP to enter the procurement stage under the state’s 2009 PPP law, which gave California broad authority to pursue PPPs without limit to location or number.

California has issued a request for proposals for the first public-private partnership under its year-old PPP law, the Doyle Drive project in San Francisco.

The request, issued by the California Department of Transportation on 2 February, seeks qualified bidders to express their interest in a PPP to rebuild portions the access road to the south end of the Golden Gate bridge.

The road, already 73 years old, is near the end of its useful life and vulnerable to earthquakes, according to a consultant’s report for the project issued 19 January. The state would like to find a private sector partner to design, build, finance, operate and maintain an upgraded version of Doyle Drive, which will then be re-named Presidio Parkway.

The winning bidder would be rewarded using availability payments, or periodic payments from the government in return for running the project after it is complete (thereby making it “available” to the public).

Statements of qualifications for the project are due 1 March.