Chart of the Week: Emerging market focused funds in market by sector

Energy dominates both the global and emerging market space


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82 out of 218 unlisted infrastructure funds in market will solely invest in either Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Latin America or Central and Eastern Europe, seeking $44.7 billion totally as at Q4 2014. Energy does not only dominate the global infrastructure market, but also the emerging market space. 51 funds in market quoted energy and one of the above emerging market regions under their investment scope, looking for $22 billion in total. Energy leads the way in terms of both number of funds in market and aggregated target amount.

Renewables is the second largest sector in emerging market. One of the top ten largest funds in market, Macquarie Asia Infrastructure Fund which targets $2.25 billion to invest in utilities, water and wastewater, contracted power generation, ports, roads, airports and renewable energy with a focus on China, India and Southeast Asia, held a first close at $1.1 billion in November 2014. Equis Funds Group also raised $1.3 billion for two funds focused on renewable energy projects in Asia Pacific in February 2015. They are Equis Asia Fund II and Equis Direct Investment Fund.