DOWNLOAD: Infrastructure Investor’s 2021 investor report

Take a look at this year's report to see which LPs made the largest commitments in 2021 and which GPs were on the receiving end of these, as well as other insights into investor activity.

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Infrastructure Investor’s 2021 Investor Report provides a snapshot of how LPs are operating in the market, including largest commitments, investor appetite and trends that are in line with those highlighted in our recent 2021 fundraising report.

Core infrastructure has been making a comeback and perhaps that’s perfectly illustrated by the fact that of the two largest single commitments – each amounting to $500 million – went to KKR‘s open-ended Diversified Core Infrastructure Fund. The second largest single commitment also went to KKR, with the New York State Common Retirement Fund committing $500 million to Global Infrastructure Investors IV.

The New York public pension also committed $150 million to Northleaf Infrastructure Capital Partners III, and €250 million to Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners IV, making it one of the most active LPs last year.

New Jersey Investment Fund was the second most active LP, committing a total of $800 million to 2021-vintage funds.

Allocations to the asset class continued to increase and while public pension funds increased their exposure more aggressively than private pensions or banks, only 5 percent of LPs – regardless the institution type – decreased their exposure.

Check out our interactive report above for the full breakdown of investor activity in 2021 and further insights the data reveals.

You can also download the report as a PDF HERE and download the data HERE.