DOWNLOAD: These are the world’s 50 largest infra GPs

Now in its eighth year, our Infrastructure Investor 50 ranking measures the largest manager fundraisings over the past five years.

The 2019 Infrastructure Investor 50 is the largest ever, with $496 billion raised by the asset class’s top 50 fund managers between 1 January 2014 and 31 August 2019. In that sense, the II 50 is not an AUM ranking, rather a dynamic snapshot of who’s consistently able to raise capital in the market.

Check out our interactive digital presentation (hover over top-right corner to view full screen) to see which institutions make this year’s ranking:

The presentation can also be downloaded here, with a table of the 50 largest infrastructure GPs available here. Ready for some analysis? Click here to go to our Infrastructure Investor 50 content hub.