Global Infrastructure Hub launches field guide

The G20 organisation has launched an online database, flagging the opportunities and challenges presented by the global markets.

The Sydney-based Global Infrastructure Hub has launched its beta “Field Guide to Infrastructure Resources” to help both the public and private sector in navigating global procurement practices and infrastructure knowledge. 

The online database houses a comprehensive list of global resources, catalogued and searchable by country, infrastructure sector, author organisation and types. It covers the full life-cycle for infrastructure investment – from enabling policy environments to project planning and delivery, to operations and secondary markets. 

The Field Guide seeks to address challenges articulated by the private and public sector in accessing fundamental infrastructure data which can delay or block investment. According to B20, the international business coalition, there is an opportunity to unlock an additional $2 trillion in global infrastructure capacity by 2030. 

“The Field Guide to Infrastructure Resources is our first step in developing a knowledge network for governments, international organisations, development banks, national infrastructure institutions and the private sector to share information on infrastructure projects and financing,” said Chris Heathcote, GI Hub’s chief executive.

“We plan to improve and add extra features to the Field Guide over time, to connect more infrastructure practitioners with the essential data they need to unlock infrastructure investment opportunities,” he added.  

In February, GI Hub launched a Global Knowledge network aimed at helping countries deliver projects using the PPP model. 

“By developing the Global Infrastructure Hub as a resource for sharing best practice and helping build the community of government officials with responsibility for infrastructure, we will be able to play an important role in driving the next generation of innovations,” said Heathcote.