Gujarat looks to UK for investment

A senior business delegation from Gujarat is currently in the UK to discuss trade and business opportunities with local private investors. The state presently has a total infrastructure investment of $37bn already under execution.

A 16-member delegation from the Indian state of Gujarat is currently in the UK to attract investment in Gujarat with a strong focus on the infrastructure sector.

During an investors' meeting at financial services firm KPMG’s offices in London today, Guruprasad Mohapatra, a senior official in the Gujarat state government, said investment from the UK is not at a high level. “We have at least 15 German companies, three or four Dutch companies and Japanese companies investing in Gujarat. But we find that the UK is lagging behind in making investments in India,” he said.

He also claimed that government in Gujarat works like the private sector and bureaucratic hurdles are not experienced.

Currently, Gujarat has infrastructure investment of $37 billion in the process of being put to work, a delegate revealed. The government is looking for further investment in sectors such as power, ports, transport and renewable energy.

Gujarat is the first Indian state to have introduced public-private partnerships (PPP) in infrastructure. It is also the first state to privatise its ports.

Recently, in an ambitious report – The Blueprint for Infrastructure in Gujarat 2020 (BIG 2020) – the government said that it is seeking investments from the private sector across all areas in infrastructure. According to the report, the government is considering an investment of INR118,091 billion (€2.2 trillion; $2.5 trillion) across 19 infrastructure sectors within the state up to the year 2020.