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H1 fundraising report 2015

Infrastructure Investor H1 2015 Review

 H1 2015

Mature economies experienced sluggish growth in the first half of 2015 after a strong performance in 2014. Unlisted infrastructure fundraising for mature markets started weak too – only 36 percent of the capital raised targeted North America and/or Western Europe. Nevertheless, global fundraising still registered the best H1 result with over $21 billion raised by 33 funds. The biggest funds included the $4.5 billion Blackstone Energy Partners II, the $3 billion ISQ Global Infrastructure Fund and the €2 billion First State European Diversified Infrastructure Fund (EDIF). Six funds closed on or above $1 billion, of which five funds exceeded their fundraising target and one fund closed on target.

There were 248 unlisted infrastructure funds in market seeking a combined amount of $123.6 billion. Forty-nine of the funds were launched in 2015, including Legal & General UK Regeneration Fund, the largest fund in market with a total fundraising target of £15 billion. Latin America has attracted more investors and managers this year. So far $1.5 billion has been raised for the region, approaching the $1.6 billion peak level achieved in 2010, while $8.9 billion more is wanted by 19 Latin America-targeted funds in market.

Investors are becoming more open-minded in terms of geographies, sectors and investment types. Check out investors’ recent activities in the ‘Industry News’ section on page 12.

This time we are privileged to have Wendy Norris, Head of Infrastructure and Timberland at Future Fund, share with us the strategies and rationale behind Future Fund’s current and future investments.


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