Hicks Muse no more

Hicks Muse Tate & Furst has changed its name to HM Capital Partners. The move comes more than a year following the departure of Tom Hicks, the erstwhile front-man of the Dallas-based group.

Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst has come up with a new handle, changing its name to HM Capital Partners. The move comes more than a year after the retirement of Tom Hicks, the firm’s co-founder and former face of the Dallas-based buyout shop.

Alongside the news, HM Capital also announced that it has promoted three of its executives. The firm added Edward Herring, Eric Lindberg and Jason Downie to its senior investment team and named each one a partner. Both Herring and Lindberg have been with HM Capital since 1998, while Downie is approaching his sixth year with the group.

The senior investment team is now made up of Herring, Lindberg and Downie, as well as Jack Furst, Peter Brodsky, Joe Colonnetta, Andrew Rosen and John Muse.

Private equity, as an industry, has seen a transition among its old guard. In addition to Hicks’ departure last year, Forstmann Little & Co. head Ted Forstmann has been in wind-down mode for the past couple of years, while Thomas Lee’s exit from his eponymous firm generated a number of headlines. Just last week, it was reported that Texas Pacific Group co-founder Bill Price would be scaling back his activity at TPG.

John Muse, the chairman of HM Capital said in a statement that the name-change speaks to the firm’s forward progression.

He said, “To reflect our evolution and mark the emergence of a new generation of partners at the firm, we have also chosen a new name that honors the past but points to the future—a name that will serve us well over the long term.”

The firm’s London arm, which spun out last year, also changed its name, choosing the banner Lion Capital.