Infrastructure Investor awards – too close to call

Some intriguing head-to-head contests have developed in the Infrastructure Investor 2010 awards poll. Particularly tight races are underway in the global fundraising category, where Alinda, Antin, Brookfield and Cube are battling for the honours; and in the global developer grouping, where ACS, Balfour Beatty, John Laing and VINCI have their eyes on the prize. Please cast your vote now.

Around this time last year, we launched the inaugural Infrastructure Investor awards. They were a great success, with approximately 35,000 votes cast. Now in the poll’s second year – and with a greater number of categories in which to vote than 12 months ago (now almost 50) – we are keenly inviting nominations.  

Awards 2010:
make your voice

The 2010 global Infrastructure Investor awards arguably are the most eagerly awaited and highly prized accolades connected with the private infrastructure investment market worldwide. The awards are so highly regarded because they are totally independent – there is no sponsorship and no panel of judges. Readers get the chance to nominate and vote for the people and organisations that mattered most in 2010, so your vote really does count.

2010 was a year in which optimism began to resurface after the post-Crisis rigours of the previous 12 months. Deal flow surged as the year progressed and fundraising showed a welcome return to normal levels. Who do you feel capitalised most on this improving environment, and which were the year’s most momentous deals? You are the judge.    

We urge you to submit objective nominations for as many categories as you like. The only rule is that you cannot nominate yourself or your own organisation.

So who do you think stood out from the crowd in 2010?

To make a nomination, please click here.

Nominations are scheduled to close at midnight GMT on 31 January 2011, so get busy!

We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for taking the time to nominate your peers.