It's your turn

Readers, here's your chance to let the market know which pensions, funds, developers and bankers mattered in 2009: vote in the inaugural Infrastructure Investor Awards.

Which investor inked the best infrastructure deal of 2009?

Which fund showed that fundraising success was not impossible despite the financial crisis – and which pensions helped make it happen?

Which banker stood by his clients and refused to close his balance sheet to long-time clients with credit-worthy projects?

It's your chance to let the market know! Vote in the inaugural Infrastructure Investor Awards 2009 – the first year that InfrastructureInvestor has instituted a global readers' poll. The coverage is global and the categories are all hugely relevant to today's infrastructure markets.
Our editorial team has provided several suggestions in each category to ease the voting process, but crucially there is also a supplementary box allowing you to make whichever nomination you like (so long as you are not nominating your own firm). If you do not believe that any of our suggestions deserve to win, this is your opportunity to say so. This is, after all, your poll that will produce your awards.
The rules are simple: you may only vote once and you are not required to vote in all categories – feel free to vote only in those that are of interest to you – and, remember, you can't vote for your own firm. And finally, need it be said, all votes are wholly confidential. You'll be done in 10 minutes.

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The polls close at midnight GMT on Friday 22 January 2010 and the results will be published in the March 2010 issue of InfrastructureInvestor, as part of our Annual Review.

Which firms are going to top the polls?

Make sure your vote helps decide!