Jon Moulton: Countdown to 2008

Short and to the point, Alchemy's Jon Moulton is looking forward to profiting from a slowing economy and the possible discomfort his over-leveraged rivals may suffer next year.

Jon Moulton

“Our distressed debt fund will have a great year in 2008 – and many people will enjoy the difficulties the mega funds will have both funding new deals and keeping their highly leveraged progeny afloat.

Integrity and real due diligence will return to the system.

Bubble burst!” Jon Moulton, managing partner, Alchemy Partners

Alchemy Partner’s highlights in 2007 included Moulton’s appearance before the Treasury Select Committee’s hearing into private equity in July. Then he called the top of the private equity boom and, ever bearish, presciently compared the high use of leverage to the ailing sub-prime sector.

His firm has widened its sights away from the UK and has targeted India as its latest destination, with managing partner Dominic Slade examining opportunities there. The firm recently lost one of its co-founders Martin Bolland reducing the number of managing partners to Slade and the remaining co-founder Moulton.

Moulton also recently invested £12 million (€16.6 million; $24.3 million) of his own money in the development of drug clinic Winthrop Hall.