Marathon of Marathons: €1m pledged – help us to €2.5m goal!

As the focus switches from a highly successful runner recruitment campaign to fundraising, we are delighted to report that the groundbreaking Marathon of Marathons – organised by Campbell Lutyens, PEI Media and UNICEF - has already sprinted past an incredible €1 MILLION of donations. How can you be part of the private equity industries’ most important fundraise of 2010?

On 31 October 2010, 250 brave souls from the worlds of private equity and infrastructure will come together to run the Marathon of Marathons in Athens, commemorating the 2,500-year anniversary of the Battle of Marathon and Pheidippides’ epic run in 490 BC with news of victory (see here for details: It will be an unforgettable day as the runners trace Pheidippides’ footsteps all the way to the finishing line at the Panathinaiko stadium, home of the modern Olympic Games.

Thanks to overwhelming support for our recruitment campaign, 250 participants have signed up for the event in total (though a few enforced absences mean a small number of places are still available). Many private equity firms of all sizes will be represented on the starting line, with 16 organisations committing three or more runners. Every one of the 250 participants has pledged to raise at least €5,000, but to aim for €10,000 or more. 

Special mention goes to Coller Capital, which will boast one of the largest teams with 13 runners. Jeremy Coller, founder and CIO of Coller Capital: “The Marathon of Marathons will be a wonderful event to be part of, as well as providing us with the opportunity to make a difference to highly deserving causes. I would urge everyone in our sector to sign up as a member of the Marathon of Marathon Supporters Club. Whilst the marathon teams are doing the hard work – training, running or walking the 26-mile course – every single firm involved in private equity can support children in need worldwide for only a €2,500 contribution.”

Indeed, the focus is now on fundraising – and making a real difference to selected childrens’ charities, which will receive 100 percent of the money raised (see the website for further details). Major donations have already flowed in, allowing us to surpass €1 million on the way to an overall target of €2.5 million. This makes the Marathon of Marathons the largest single charity fundraising initiative ever undertaken by the private equity and infrastructure investment communities.

Every single pound, euro or dollar committed will help us reach the target. We have seven weeks left to achieve it. Please go to the web address provided above to learn more about the Supporters Club and various sponsorship packages available – and do your best to help us over the finishing line!

Contact Paula Langton or Georgie Mailer-Howat at, +44 207 439 7191 or visit