McKenna Long launches advocacy group for PPP support centre

The Council of Project Finance Advisors working group will advocate for the creation of a federal-level support centre for PPPs in the US. Frank Rapoport, McKenna’s head of infrastructure and PPP, is spearheading the effort.

Washington DC-based law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge has formally launched a working group to advocate for the creation of a support centre for public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the US.

The organisation, the Council of Project Finance Advisors (CFPA), is a working group that will provide recommendations and advocate for the creation of a federal-level organisation that will aid state and local governments in delivering PPP projects.

Frank Rapoport

Countries such as France, the UK, Greece and Canada all have state and or federal organisations that support government officials in implementing procurement of public services via PPPs. The UK has formed Partnerships UK, while in British Columbia, Canada Partnerships BC, is a prominent PPP support group.

The US does not have a similar organisation at the federal level, though states such as California and New York have recently moved to create state-level entities with similar responsibilities.

Frank Rapoport, chair of McKenna’s global infrastructure and PPP practice, has been spearheading the effort to create such an organisation for several months. He is a member of the working group, alongside  former Vermont Governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean and former Stephen Goldsmith.

Other CFPA members will include engineering and construction firms, private equity and pension funds, labour unions, banks, trade associations, academic leaders, developers and others involved in the PPP market, according to a press release.

The CFPA will also aim to provide a voice for the PPP industry and improve communication between industry participants and policy makers, according to a CFPA brief provided to Infrastructure Investor.