NanoDimension raises €45m fund

NanoDimension has raised €45 million for a dedicated nanotech venture fund, which has already made its first investment.

NanoDimension, a Swiss-based venture firm, has closed a dedicated nanotechnology fund with €45 million ($60 million) of commitments.

NanoDimension Limited Partnership will focus exclusively on investment in nanotechnology companies, firms which develop technology using devices measured by the nanometre (a millionth of a metre).

The fund will back companies in Europe and North America, focusing on the IT, life sciences, materials and energy sectors.

NanoDimension has already made its first investment by backing Crocus Technology, a French company that develops magnetic data storage for computers.

Jean-Pierre Braun, chief executive of Crocus Technology, said: “NanoDimension is providing us with much more than just capital. They are experts in technology and its commercialization. In addition to their capital involvement, they provide us with independent and scientific advisory board members. They have even been leading the acquisition of key patents for the company.”