North America remains attractive

Positive outlook for North America focused infrastructure funds


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To many LPs, unlisted infrastructure investments into North America remain attractive. Consistently since 2009, North America focused funds has occupied at least 25 percent and above of the total capital raised each year, the highest among all single regions.

Last year, we have seen unlisted infrastructure fundraising hit a new record raising $47.4 billion. Other than the rise of the global focused funds (the majority of them invest into North America as well), North America focused funds were a big factor contributing to this new fundraising high. $12.5 billion was raised for North America in 2013, the highest in recent years.

Figures in Q1 2014 suggested that investors are continuing to put their money into North America focused funds; $5.1 billion out of the $7.3 billion raised in Q1 2014 targets this region. 

Here at Infrastructure Investor Research and Analytics we remain positive on the outlook of North American fundraising in 2014.