June 2009 Issue

    Month: June
    Year: 2009

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    Fleeing the bailed-out banks

    Wall Street giants are losing infrastructure specialists to smaller rivals – with the likely taxation of bonuses cited as one of the reasons why

    Battle over Midway

    A debate is dividing the infrastructure community as to whether the $2.5bn Midway Airport deal fell apart because of bad timing or poor decision-making. Cezary Podkul weighs up the arguments.

    Life after death

    The demise of Babcock & Brown has spawned a host of new infrastructure funds.

    It’s the states that will lose

    Two new bills might jeopardise toll road investors – but will almost certainly hit public services.

    The plot thickens

    BAA’s handling of the auction for Gatwick Airport has raised eyebrows.

    Can Crossrail stay on track?

    Europe’s biggest infrastructure project is finally underway – but continues to be plagued by funding worries.

    Full speed ahead for M25 project

    Why organisers of the 2012 Olympics will be celebrating as the London motorway upgrade secures finance

    The case for forward thinking and a global approach

    Financing infrastructure is of critical importance if the world is recover at least some of its former economic momentum.

    Plenty to play for

    The relative slowdown in its economy notwithstanding, China will continue to offer investment opportunities to private investors in the infrastructure sector.

    Direct ambitions

    CalPERS has hired heavyweight talent to develop its infrastructure platform, which may eventually become among the bigger direct players in the market.

    White House stumps for high-speed rail

    Vice President Joe Biden said high-speed rail will make travel in the US ‘leaner, meaner and a whole lot cleaner’ as he met with eight governors and transportation officials from 15 states to discuss how to spend $13bn of federal dollars allocated to this form of travel.

    Certainty in uncertain times?

    EU policy to combat climate change and reduce fossil fuel has created great opportunities for infrastructure investors, write Angus Evers and Duncan Field.

    Crisis management

    Bernard Sheahan is the man behind the IFC’s new Infrastructure Crisis Facility: a $10bn pot of money that could lend to your project or invest in your next infrastructure fund. Cezary Podkul asked him about his vision for the facility, how investors can get access to it, and why it is of such critical importance at the current time

    From lotteries to PPPs

    Sean Maloney, a major force behind New York's State Asset Maximisation Commission, reflects on its origins and significance for the US PPP market.

    Grids for sale, tough to buy

    Chris Josselyn looks at the prospect of Germany’s electricity providers having to sell their transmission networks, which has investors salivating.