September 2009 Issue

    Month: September
    Year: 2009

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    Mind the PR challenge

    As public sector officials argue over the finer points of how to value assets in privatisations, the public isn’t listening. That’s a problem.

    Garvey lands at Meridiam

    Former head of the US Federal Aviation Administration Jane Garvey is to join the PPP-focused infrastructure fund, which is said to be planning a $1bn PPP fund targeting North America

    Best not biggest

    With CenterPoint, Carlyle and Goldman at its wharfs, the Virginia Port Authority has no shortage of willing partners for its assets

    A more sustainable PPP model is needed

    US states and municipalities are right to be looking for an alternative to the private equity approach to PPP, argue Luis Palazzi and Jordi Graells

    Dialing up exposure

    Institutional investors contemplating an allocation to infrastructure should consider a core-satellite approach that combines the desirable features of a strategic focus and tactical flexibility, writes Brett Nelson

    The ones to call

    Flip through consumer, retail or healthcare pitchbooks and you’ll be sure to find career investment bankers touting 25 or 30 years of experience in their sector. But infrastructure is a relatively new vertical for most banks, and experienced advisors can be hard to come by. When you do your research of who is who in infrastructure M&A work, the following ten names are bound to pop up. We present them here in alphabetical order*

    African infrastructure: past, present and future

    Indications are that African risk continues to be overrated and experienced investors will be able to lock in superior risk-adjusted returns. By Alasdair Maclay

    The Bingu dream

    Landlocked Malawi is getting closer to pulling off an infrastructure project that would transform its fortunes: a $5 billion shipping link to the sea via the Shire and Zambezi rivers. Cezary Podkul explains how this long-held dream could soon become a reality

    Massive demand, slow supply

    Africa has an enormous need for infrastructure projects. But investors say deals still take too long to get off the ground, and too long to complete - and it’s not the credit crunch they blame. Philip Borel reports.

    The pros and cons of infrastructure funds

    Are funds the right route for institutional capital to get exposure to infrastructure, and if so, at what cost? The debate rages on

    Paying for peace

    With A$345m in severance consideration, Macquarie Airports’ total fees paid to Macquarie Group could top A$1.2bn. Still, shareholders have little choice but to pay up

    Stuck in traffic

    As Congress prioritises healthcare reform above all else, the US’ proposed $500bn transportation reform bill has got caught in a legislative logjam

    Champion of transportation

    The man committed to building 20 kilometres of new road in India every day is the inaugural Infrastructure Investor Minister of the Year*

    The industrial investor

    For global construction giant Hochtief, infrastructure is a growth business. This summer Bernward Kulle, CEO of the company’s PPP platform, spoke to Philip Borel about the Hochtief investment approach, expansion opportunities around the world, and why the firm never bid for Midway Airport

    Marathon man

    Mark Weisdorf, head of JPMorgan’s $4bn infrastructure investments group, talks to Cezary Podkul about his firm’s long-term approach to the asset class

    The meaning of partnership

    The meaning of partnership 2009-08-28 Philip Borel This, the fifth edition of Infrastructure Investor, is the first issue of the magazine since its launch in which we don’t feature a big story about a proposed PPP in America collapsing before reaching the finish line (such as Midway Airport), or run