May 2010 Issue

    Month: May
    Year: 2010

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    Coping with the fallout

    The likes of Abertis and BAA are confident they can minimise the impact of the Icelandic volcano

    On the right track

    UK rolling stock leasing companies are discovering strong appetite in the bond markets

    Government to the rescue

    Two Russian pathfinder road PPPs are now very close to reaching financial close after the local capital markets rallied to fund them, with a little help from government guarantees

    BBVA the table topper

    Renewable deals are to the fore as the Spanish bank heads the lead arranger pack in Q1 2010

    An energy boost

    New fundraising figures make happy reading – for one sector in particular

    Sharpening knives

    The French government has again raised the possibility of increasing land tax for France’s road concessionaires

    More spadework required

    LPs are demanding consultants and advisors provide extra due diligence when recommending funds for investments – or face legal challenges if losses are later incurred

    How politics derailed a PPP

    If anyone needs reminding of how political risk can torpedo a public-private partnership, the Reunion tram-train PPP might be considered an informative case study

    Brazil’s actuarial reality

    A visit to Rio de Janeiro reminds David Snow of the need for infrastructure investment, and why billions in future capital commitments may yet come from Brazilian pensions

    Most-read news stories from over the past month:

    Most-read news stories from over the past month: 2010-04-28 Staff Writer 1. Citadel sees 2009 net earnings rise 806.7% from 2008 Citadel Capital, a private equity and infrastructure firm focused on the Middle East and Africa, rec

    Ray LaHood writ large

    A letter with big implications – and a massive signature

    We know what we like

    Which aspects of the asset class tick the right boxes? And which invite caution? We sought three different perspectives – and elicited some fascinating insights

    Run into the ground

    Why US infrastructure is like a 15 year-old car

    Own the road

    In exchange for paying to use highways, UK drivers might one day be offered part-ownership of them

    When bankruptcy was not an option

    As cities and states all across the US ponder whether to sell or lease infrastructure assets to address their budget deficits, Felix Rohatyn, the man who helped New York City avert a bankruptcy filing in 1975, sees a different solution to their woes – and those of the country in general. And it starts with the federal government, he explains to Cezary Podkul

    Suffering at hands of spin doctors

    The launch of the UK governing party’s election manifesto outside a new super-hospital proved a mixed blessing for developer Balfour Beatty

    Solid foundations

    Lying behind the encouraging fundraising figures for the first quarter were innovative partnerships being formed by managers and “core” investors in order to give fundraising processes momentum. Cezary Podkul and Bruno Alves explore the trend, including insights from four case studies.

    Shocks, insights and schnitzels

    We take a look at the top ten takeaways from the Infrastructure Investor: Europe 2010 forum in Berlin at the end of March.

    A man with a (€17bn) plan

    The Spanish government has unveiled a scheme to kick-start the country’s ailing economy in the form of a huge infrastructure stimulus to be financed with the private sector’s collaboration. But local professionals wonder whether it includes a potentially crucial ring road bailout.