March 2012 Issue

    Call it a comeback

    Assured Guaranty’s recent UK hospital deal signalled the monoline’s return to the infrastructure market. European head Dominic Nathan sat down with Bruno Alves to talk about the firm’s plans and why he sees his firm as providing one of the top five alternative debt solutions going forward.

    How to succeed in Asia’s heartland

    Progress is steady rather than spectacular, but the Central Asian and South Caucasus region is starting to open up to infrastructure developers and investors. Stephen Wermert of the Asian Development Bank explains some of the opportunities and pitfalls.

    Birth of a platform

    Gershon Cohen and Sameer Amin – the co-heads of Lloyds’ infrastructure funds management unit –tell Bruno Alves how the bank’s debut European greenfield infrastructure fund is the first step in building a fully-fledged fund management platform.

    The steady risk-taker

    In October last year, HSBC spinout InfraRed Capital Partners closed the world’s largest greenfield infrastructure fund on $1.2bn. The firm’s chief executive Werner von Guionneau tells Andy Thomson that investors are comfortable with the risk because of the solid platform on which the firm is built.

    A tough sell

    UK pension appetite for infrastructure as an asset class is steadily increasing. That’s great news for fund managers, but not necessarily good news for George Osborne’s ‘Pension Finance Initiative’.

    Fire-fighting in Spain

    Globalvia has started 2012 in crisis management mode, with two of its Spanish concessions threatening to end in disarray.

    PFI equity ‘overpriced’

    The UK’s National Audit Office believes drawn-out procurement processes and minimum investor rates of return are not synchronised with projects’ risk profiles and may have inflated PFI equity returns over the years.

    $500m worth of good faith

    The large allocation by the California State Teachers’ Retirement System to Industry Funds Management underlines the significance large pension funds are attaching to infrastructure as a portfolio diversifier.

    ‘Who will build our next reservoir?’

    Why a new Senate Bill may lure much-needed private sector investment to Texas’ aging infrastructure.

    Turbulence at Luton Airport

    A tussle has broken out between a UK local council and a private operator over proposed expansion plans for London Luton airport. It may be seen as another example of how fiscal strain on the public sector can impact on the private sector.

    Boris’s trouble with birds

    Feathered friends are the latest enemy undermining the London Mayor’s infrastructure plans.

    LaHood junior caught in Cairo clampdown

    The son of the US Transport Secretary was arrested in Egypt as part of measures against alleged anti-establishment activities.

    The citizens have spoken: ‘give us PPPs!’

    With Pennsylvania steeped in fiscal morass, an internet lobby group is pressing a methodical governor to get cracking on public-private partnership legislation.

    Secondaries for beginners

    Secondary platforms are helping smaller investors to engage with this burgeoning market. However, some GPs are concerned about the potential risks. By Sam Sutton

    Secondary education

    Make no mistake: interest in infrastructure secondaries is alive and kicking. Chris Glynn finds out from placement agent Campbell Lutyens why it’s deserving of more fanfare.

    A market on the move

    While small in comparison with its private equity equivalent, the infrastructure secondaries market is starting to grow on the back of various dynamics that support secondary activity. Andy Thomson finds out why market participants are optimistic