US infra: the insurer’s friend

“There are 600,000 bridges. One in four bridges support more traffic than originally intended or need significant repairs. That’s a total of 150,000 unstable bridges.”

This is just one of a series of dramatic pronouncements from a colourful infographic apparently designed to scare American car drivers out of their wits. The infographic also reminds its readers of the ‘D’grade which US infrastructure received from the American Society of Civil Engineers and that the US is spending “40 percent of the amount recommended for infrastructure upkeep”.

And where does this infographic appear? On the website of “Whether or not your car insurance policy reflects the probability that poor upkeep of highways and streets could be harming your vehicle, chances are that the small bumps, jolts, and scrapes that the state of our infrastructure has cost your car are slowly adding up,” the site proclaims.

And there you have it: America’s crumbling infrastructure may cause no end of problems, but for car insurers it’s a great ally.