December / January 2013 Issue

    Month: December
    Year: 2013

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    PPP round-up

    We take a look at the key public-private partnership developments from around the world over the last month.

    Direct investors: the relentless march

    Those funds which felt direct investors were not a threat a few years back may now be revising their opinions. By Andy Thomson.

    The search for the right structure

    Alceda’s Michael Sanders examines how investors can benefit from innovative financing in the real asset space.

    The devil is in the detail

    While both the public and private sectors readily agree that US infrastructure is in dire need of investment, figuring out how best to co-operate with each other is tricky. Kalliope Gourntis reports.

    ‘You need a strong partner at the asset level’

    CapAsia’s Johan Bastin identifies the investment characteristics of the Southeast Asian region.

    Don’t mess with Texas

    Tea Party-flavoured political activism is dogging SH 130 in Texas, setting the stage for a larger grassroots fight against PPPs in America.

    Eastern promise

    Central and Eastern European states are making progress towards sounder PPP frameworks. But hard work still lies ahead, writes Matthieu Favas.

    The Italian job

    As it seeks to haul itself out of recession, Italy is hoping that infrastructure investment can play a part.

    When it rains it pours…

    Or so it seemed, with three very interesting infrastructure events filling our calendars.

    The banks will pay

    Former President Bill Clinton has suggested a novel way of funding the US’ infrastructure requirement.

    The II 30: What qualifies and what does not

    In the following two pages, we explain how we put together the II 30

    The elite three

    Brookfield and GIP have emerged as threats to Macquarie’s longstanding dominance as the world’s infrastructure investment giant. Andy Thomson reports

    Electricity Capacity Markets: Beware an electric shock

    The arrival of capacity markets in Europe could materially impact investor returns. Simon Monk of IPA Energy + Water Economics explores the issues.

    A bumpy road

    Asia’s demand for transport infrastructure is huge, but under-developed regulatory regimes and concessionary frameworks have been pushing investors away. Michelle Phillips reports

    UK Infrastructure: Answering the overcrowding conundrum

    Iain Coucher of Alvarez & Marsal (and former CEO of Network Rail) urges some innovative thinking to cure the UK’s infrastructure challenges, including a serious commitment to affordable housing.

    Ingredients for a healthy market

    While governments and banks wrestle with economic pressures and increasing regulation, institutional investors are helping to bridge the gap in project funding, says S&P’s Michael Wilkins. But a thriving project bond market will require changes

    A safe port in a storm

    How Deutsche Bank’s infrastructure investment business guided the UK’s Peel Ports through the global financial crisis.

    Something old, something new

    While infrastructure debt is not new to the banking community – banks have been active in project finance for the past three decades – it is new to institutional investors. Kalliope Gourntis finds out why pension funds should get to know the asset class better

    Yielding fruit

    As institutional investors progress along the learning curve, they’re deploying more capital in infrastructure debt. Matthieu Favas discovers why the market should keep maturing over the coming year

    As recession fades, threats remain

    A collection of European fund management professionals gathered in London to share views on prospects in the region. While better news is being seen on the economic front, talk of regulation and direct investment triggers furrowed brows. Andy Thomson reports.

    Company man

    Brookfield in 2013 closed the second-largest infrastructure fund ever raised. But for Sam Pollock, attention-seeking and self-promotion aren’t part of the programme. Chris Glynn reports on the collective effort and thinking behind the $7bn BIF II.

    The Infrastructure Investor 30: 2013

    Welcome to our fourth Infrastructure Investor 30 ranking of the world’s largest infrastructure investors – and welcome also to a new way of doing things.

    UK in perspective: The view from Westminster

    Politicians and investors can sometimes seem worlds apart – to the detriment of both. Infrastructure Investor brought them together to discuss some of the most important trends shaping the scene in the UK.