February 2014 Issue

    Month: February
    Year: 2014

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    Exploring new frontiers

    Rana Karadsheh-Haddad explains how the IFC’s investment strategy has evolved, with Africa and renewable energy increasingly centre-stage

    No more decorating bookshelves

    Asset management plans should do more than that, maintains Ian Woodbury of Riva Modeling. He outlines a new approach

    Judged a success in California

    A pioneering new courthouse in Long Beach replaced a tired former facility and gave a boost to social infrastructure in the US. Joseph Aiello of Meridiam Infrastructure and Stephen Reinstein of Long Beach Judicial Partners explain how the deal came together

    Taking care of business

    Glen Matsumoto tells Kalliope Gourntis why private equity firm EQT Partners is drawn to the energy sector

    Why Africa must act now

    Renewable energy has the potential to meet Africa’s growing electricity needs. The continent’s leaders should seize the opportunity while it lasts, writes Matthieu Favas

    Troubles in Texas

    As the saying goes, the US P3 market is effectively 50 different markets – each one with its own characteristics. Throughout 2014, we will be turning the spotlight on developments in key states. In the first of the series, we take a look at Texas.

    Building equity

    While Skanska has been active in US construction for decades, Karl Reichelt talks about the changes in the P3 landscape that have led the Swedish company to identify the US as its number one growth market and a place where it wants to put its money.

    Investors wait for a new wave

    Buoyed by swelling populations, abundant liquidity and the international limelight, the Gulf States look ready for an infrastructure boom. Much will now depend on their ability to get private investors on board

    Can we have your attention, please?

    UK listed infrastructure funds claim to offer the kind of classic characteristics that investors are clamouring for. But turning the heads of pension fund trustees can be a tough task.

    PPP round-up

    We take a look at the key public-private partnership developments from around the world over the last month.

    Back on track

    Europe staged an impressive recovery in 2013, reclaiming its lead over Asia-Pacific as the world’s most prolific deal market – while energy remained ahead of transport. Matthieu Favas reports.

    From Russia, with fresh momentum

    Financial close for several large Russian PPPs is expected in the year ahead.

    Munich flies into Brazil

    The operator has checked into Confins Airport with more at stake than was immediately clear.

    A genuine Midwest mega-project for 2014

    ‘Illiana’ is birthing two PPPs and helping to further promote the US Midwest as a potential hotbed for toll road concessions.

    The shape of things to come

    Economist Markus Schomer reflected on developments worldwide that - for the most part - bode well for infrastructure. Kalliope Gourntis reports.

    Money is power

    Partnerships between energy firms and institutional investors are marriages of convenience.

    A new energy source? You must be nuts

    Coconuts may have an importance that, up until now, has not been apparent.

    Gatwick’s plans under water

    The UK airport faced an angry backlash as a flooded terminal wreaked havoc over Christmas.