May 2015 Issue

    Month: May
    Year: 2015

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    Transport gets into gear

    The first quarter was a strong one for transport deals, though a Saudi Arabian petrochemicals project was top of the pile.

    A site to behold

    Five years after Craig Harrison began preparing the Niobrara Energy Park (NEP) he is looking for investors to help him develop the vision. Chase Collum reports.

    Here comes the sun (again)

    After a pause for breath in 2014, UK listed renewables are back in vogue. Expect the market to grow fast in years to come.

    Greenfield with envy

    Pressure on core infrastructure returns is pushing fund managers toward assets for which their efforts are better rewarded. Some are even planting the seeds for entirely new platforms, finds Matthieu Favas.

    Ending the investment drought

    Infrastructure cannot put an end to California’s four-year-long episode of crippling water shortage. But investing in it should help the state deal with the consequences.

    The weak link

    In Australia, the payment of costs to the winning consortium of a cancelled multi-billion toll road project comes as a relief to the investor community. But sovereign risk is re-emerging elsewhere, writes Matthieu Favas.

    Coping with the ups and downs

    With defined benefit pension schemes declining in Europe, the short-term volatility associated with listed infrastructure may become less of a concern.

    The final frontier

    Space infrastructure appears to be on a growth trend, with the US following the UK’s giant leap.

    Getting the hump

    Thirsty camels have been on the rampage in Western Australia, destroying infrastructure in the process.

    Issues with elf and safety

    Road builders in Iceland are hoping they will not suffer retaliation from elves whose chapel is being uprooted.

    Nothing to fear

    Strong demand and high growth: so what’s the problem? Torbjorn Caesar, co-head of energy at UK-based fund manager Actis, makes the case for emerging markets in conversation with Andy Thomson

    Bearing with the bear

    Sanctions and ostracisation have made the Russian market a tricky one to enter for institutional investors. Insiders tell Matthieu Favas why they should stay put and keep their eyes on the long-term prize

    A sting in the tail?

    “Arbitrary, inconsistent, frequently opaque and often without justification – yet potentially important when it comes to asset valuation”. This is how infrastructure investment analyst Robert Bain describes his findings when he examined how traffic forecasting consultants were gauging long-term toll road performance 

    Edging towards greenfield

    Rakesh Saraf of Canadian pension administrator ATRF explains why the organisation is selectively adding greenfield PPP opportunities to its infrastructure strategy, and will also begin to look at developing markets

    The semantics of risk

    Geopolitical risk and emerging markets may seem to go hand-in-hand, but is that association justified? Kalliope Gourntis investigates

    A world of uncertainty

    Chase Collum spoke with analysts from BMI Research to compile a region-by-region picture of geopolitical risk today