July / August 2015 Issue

    Embracing the revolution

    Technology-smart alternatives pose a risk to the established position of market incumbents in many industries, including infrastructure. Mathias Burghardt of Ardian maintains that there are ways to turn threat into opportunity

    Why investors need to get real

    Has the risk environment for infrastructure investors altered fundamentally? We brought together four experts from the investment, advisory, political and regulatory worlds to consider the evidence, in conversation with Andy Thomson

    How to build Brazil

    Backroom deals have helped get Brazil into its current economic mess, and many in the infrastructure community believe only openness and transparency can clean the slate. Chase Collum reports

    Less cold on Turkey

    Long the reserved purview of local players, Turkey finally seems to be opening up. Some investors are shrugging off political concerns to enter the market with a bang, writes Matthieu Favas.

    Soft landing

    The Future Fund has settled its fight with AustralianSuper over an A$875m deal to purchase Perth Airport. The institution saw the legal battle as a distraction.

    What’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually

    The transition from EVCA to Invest Europe in part reflects the growing influence of infrastructure on the Brussels-based lobbying organisation. Andy Thomson reports.

    Partners in prime

    Undeterred by the oil and commodity slumps, sovereigns are seeking tie-ups to carve the best deals for themselves.

    A shock to the system, or nothing new?

    CalPERS said in June it would be shedding half its external money managers and thereby sent ripples throughout the investment community, but some think the announcement is less than dramatic.

    Beating the barriers

    Toll road triumph for QIC

    Smooth landing

    GIP eases traveller stress at Gatwick

    Picture of health

    How Meridiam's medicine worked at Fulcrum

    On the right track

    What MIRA did when it jumped aboard Arlanda

    Where value creation gets its reward

    In today’s competitive environment, active asset management is a must for those wanting to generate decent returns from infrastructure. Here, and in the pages that follow, we shine the spotlight on some of the best examples of the craft over the last year. Kalliope Gourntis reports

    PPPs: Are they worth the effort?

    Views of emerging market PPPs differ sharply between those prepared to wrestle with the issues and those who see little point in doing so.

    The great haul of China

    A large number of countries have joined the new multilateral, with only a couple of notable declines.

    A sworn enemy of NSW power bill

    Not everyone was happy with a vote to proceed with electricity lease sales.

    When in Guatemala

    The country has impressive new power plants – and a great way of roasting marshmallows.

    Bridge to the future

    Traditional engineers of the world, look out. Your days may be numbered.

    Changing tides

    The UK water sector may be about to open up to a new wave of M&A activity. Elaine Gibson-Bolton and Hardip Singh Syan of King & Wood Mallesons explore the legislative changes responsible

    Sukuk’s journey on the Silk Road

    To what extent will Islamic finance help to shape Asia’s infrastructure financing landscape in the coming decades? Anne-Sophie Briant investigates

    Queuing up, cash in hand

    Despite the possibility of overpaying and the challenge of refinancing risk, Australia remains arguably the world’s most attractive infrastructure market with the biggest opportunity set. Florence Chong met with leading players in Melbourne to get the inside track on developments

    Eyes on the ball

    By sticking to its mid-market motto, InfraVia has evolved from being an offshoot of France’s OFI Group to an independent firm with pan-European ambit. Team leaders Vincent Levita and Bruno Candès tell Matthieu Favas why their patient game is starting to pay off