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Where there’s a wheel…

It always throws you off a bit when you find out about decisions made by your company through the papers – especially when you work for a publishing house.

So we were somewhat surprised to read a story last month stating that PEI is looking to buy six to eight new buses to replace ageing ones, at a cost of $630,000 each. First, we didn’t know PEI owned buses (most of us take the underground like everyone else). Second, we would have liked to report on it first. Public transport being infrastructure, that sort of deal is not something we would have kept in the trunk.

But then the details confused us. As it happens, part of PEI’s bus fleet belongs to T3 Transit, a company owned by Canadian-based Mike Cassidy. The entrepreneur’s hope, according to the story, is that the “federal budget” will include a transit fund that will help him purchase the new vehicles.

We also learned that the route taken by Cassidy’s buses are not so helpful to most of us: the service, allegedly, runs in Charlottetown, Stratford, Cornwall and Summerside (none of which are close to any of our offices).

So we assumed the mooted investment would be made on a purely financial basis. When faced with a blanket denial by our top management, though, we started to question the story’s sources. And then we took another look at it – and understood why you should always read articles in full.

Somewhere in the third paragraph, Cassidy explains the investment will help improve transit in Prince Edward Island – aka PEI – a Canadian province. I guess we’re not quite ready to put our money where our mouth is just yet.