Wrong time, wrong place

Shortly before Christmas last year, Infrastructure Investor attended a press event organised by French concession and construction group VINCI, showcasing its work in energy storage. The festive spirit was in the air and we returned to the office with a few accessories branded by the company.

Having dusted down the presents, we thought one of the items – a VINCI-branded diary for 2017 – could be put to good use. Yet we noted one minor problem when scheduling a meeting: Tuesday didn’t seem to exist. Instead, without fail, every single day in the diary that should have been marked as Tuesday was written as Thursday.

While France may be quite protective of its 35-hour working week, we feel this may be slightly excessive. Indeed, while we know certain weeks can sometimes feel like its Thursday by the time Tuesday comes around, it’s still not particularly helpful.

We’re also left questioning the wisdom of one of the world’s largest airport operators misleading potential passengers like that. A raft of missed flights on Tuesdays at Lyon, Osaka and Santiago airports would no doubt create some turbulence for the group.