September 2017 Issue

    Month: September
    Year: 2017

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    Cryptopower 2017-10-01 With cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin burning up as much energy as some medium-sized countries, one artist is turning the tables by mining one such currency to benefit climate change research. Featured in a Swedish museum, the ‘Harvest’ exhibition, by Berlin-based Jul

    Facilitating investment

    TMF Group zooms in on the benefits of Australia’s MIT regime for foreign investors and talks about helping global asset managers address operational challenges across jurisdictions

    Competitive pressures

    Soaring demand for infrastructure, together with a limited supply of assets, has led to high prices and yield compression. Maven Libera director Megan Raynal explains how investors are reacting.

    Plenty in the tank

    InfraVia’s Bruno Candès and Coloured Finches’ Rutger van Thiel explain why the major changes the energy supply chain faces create room for pure infrastructure players

    Time is on Hostplus’s side

    It is Australia’s top-performing super-fund, with A$25bn under management. Head of infrastructure Jordan Kraiten tells Bruno Alves how its young member base gives it the luxury of patience as it finds itself newly underweight on the asset class

    Painting a clearer picture

    Lightning-quick fundraises, ongoing consolidation and the impact of ‘mega-funds’ all feature prominently in our H1 2017 fundraising analysis. Research manager Sam McMurray reports

    GIP goes further into debt

    Jennifer Powers, a former Mizuho managing director, joins the manager’s growing credit business to become the firm’s first female partner. Andrew Vitelli reports

    Flashback to the future

    In his last column as our web editor, Matthieu Favas imagines 20 more years in the role – how the sector will change and what new assets will be classed as infrastructure

    ‘Strategy drift’ at the lower end

    Some LPs are concerned about managers traditionally active in the PPP/PFI space branching out into other areas of core infrastructure and renewables

    Parked cars on the move

    Car parks are red hot right now, with more than $5bn of deals transacted since May, as investors wake up to their yield-generating potential and stable cashflows. Zak Bentley finds out what is making these assets motor

    ‘We’ve been national security’s canary in the coalmine’

    Australian watchdog FIRB made waves when it advised against Chinese bids for Ausgrid. But board member Patrick Secker tells Bruno Alves the country is very much open for business

    Safety in numbers

    The IFC wants to raise $5bn from institutional investors to target emerging market infrastructure debt. Infrastructure head Bernard Sheahan tells Matthieu Favas how its credit-enhancement scheme offers regulation-bound insurance firms a yield uplift and diversification through co-financing

    Pioneering renewables in Central America

    Actis explains how it increased Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy’s megawatt capacity sixteenfold in just five years

    Creating long-term value in growth market infrastructure

    Actis head of infrastructure Glen Matsumoto and partner Adrian Mucalov are confident about the emerging markets specialist’s infrastructure strategy. After closing their significantly oversubscribed fourth energy fund on $2.75bn in March, the firm sees a long-term opportunity in investing behind growth markets operating infrastructure assets.

    Fake infra? They beg to differ

    While some may be prepared to dismiss the nascent listed infrastructure market, three top investors gather to tell Zak Bentley about the success of this disputed asset class and how it can grow in tandem with the unlisted side of the industry

    Attractive returns while making a difference

    African infrastructure offers attractive risk-adjusted returns while making a tangible difference to the lives of people who live on the continent. Jurie Swart, chief executive of African Infrastructure Investment Managers, shares some lessons learnt and explains why transportation is an overlooked but promising sector

    Annus horribilis

    Private investment in emerging market infrastructure dropped to $71bn in 2016, the lowest it’s been for a decade. Andrew Vitelli explores the reason for this dip