April 2018 Issue

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    Year: 2018

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    When infra becomes fraud

    Those at the EDHECinfra institute made a splash last year with the #fakeinfra attack on listed infrastructure. However, it’s on the streets of Paris where the real fake infrastructure may have been discovered. A preliminary investigation by the Paris prosecutor has been opened after it was revealed in French media that employees of parking inspection […]

    Fantasy infra

    As infrastructure funds, developers and asset managers got to grips with the collapse of construction giant Carillion, it turned to the hands of UK politicians to assess the fallout. As a contractor that had managed both public and private infrastructure projects, some on the UK parliament’s Work and Pensions and Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy […]

    Investing for tomorrow

    While the world as we know it shifts through technological and political changes, five asset managers tell Zak Bentley how they combat the risks in front of them

    When regulators strike back

    After years of being criticised for allowing bills to rocket and returns to increase, UK regulators are finally striking back. First came the water watchdog Ofwat in December, demanding UK water companies be at the heart of “profound change” in the sector and promising a “tough price review”. Last month was the turn of Ofgem, […]

    Asia’s renewables revolution

    While infra investors shouldn’t expect a repeat of the $5bn Equis Energy deal any time soon, they can look forward to a wealth of renewables opportunities. Each market poses its own challenges, though.

    Creating an industry standard

    EDHECInfra’s Sarah Tame explains how its eight broad market indices aim to give investors the tools needed to measure the asset class’s risk-adjusted performance.

    PPPs in the age of Duterte

    A focus on quality, a streamlined approach and a strong pipeline are cause for optimism. But Pillsbury associate Golda Calonge warns it’s not all plain sailing for investors interested in the Philippines.

    How China invests in Latin America

    The One Belt One Road Initiative has made infrastructure development a priority in Asia, but will opportunities in Latin America send Chinese capital in the other direction? Jordan Stutts examines

    Get ready for Infrastructure 3.0

    Philippe Taillardat argues the asset class must revitalise itself to benefit from the new industrial revolution.

    Why digital is very much an infra play

    Telecoms and data centres might be attracting the attention of the real estate crowd, but there’s no doubt infrastructure investors are the natural managers of these assets.

    Private capital strikes back

    The tables have turned with infrastructure funds, once edged out of deals by yieldcos, now buying these vehicles.

    Building a development bank for the 21st century

    The AIIB is emerging as one of the major forces driving infrastructure investment across Asia. DJ Pandian, the multilateral’s chief investment officer, tells Nia Tam how it plans to help plug the continent’s $26trn funding gap.

    Listed infra’s ‘unique benefits’ against inflation

    CBRE Clarion Securities’ Jeremy Anagnos explains why he believes listed infrastructure is positioned to perform as inflation begins to rise.