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Flying in the face of criticism

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt couldn’t stand the heat, so he got out of… economy.

The administrator is reportedly flying first class these days after increasingly confrontational public encounters about his sceptical views on climate change and efforts to roll back environmental regulations since taking office last year. One example Politico reported was in Atlanta last October, when an individual shouted at him, “Scott Pruitt, you’re [expletive] the environment.”

We’re guessing that word isn’t fracking, though it may have been on the person’s mind.

The EPA administrator and his staff have racked up a $90,000 travel tab since last June due to their first-class security precautions, prompting a backlash from some who say he’s wasting taxpayer money on unnecessary upgrades. This doesn’t seem to be the carbon tax environmentalists had in mind.

Pruitt’s plush new travel style even earned a rebuke from a Republican colleague. “I would be embarrassed to get on a plane, sit down in first class and have my constituents pass me by and see me in first class,” Senator John Kennedy told Politico.

One of his first-class flights included a $1,641.43 trip from Washington to New York, according to The Washington Post. If it’s some quiet time Pruitt is looking for, maybe he should consider booking a ticket on one of Amtrak’s silent – and cleaner – train carriages?