October 2018 issue

    Month: October
    Year: 2018

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    Eight trends that may affect Australian port valuations

    From trade wars to population growth, Maven Libera director Megan Raynal tells investors what to watch out for.

    Why Chicago Parking Meters is courting controversy 10 years on

    Legal disputes, annual calls to annul it and an anniversary that sets the stage for six decades of private-sector upside make the deal a case study in the dangers of misaligned interests.

    Morandi Bridge: How to avoid a repeat of ‘everyone’s worst nightmare’

    The fatal collapse indicates a public-private failure. But confronting the formidable challenges of maintaining ageing infrastructure will require more – not less – public-private cooperation.

    Is Antin’s latest deal infra, agriculture or somewhere in between?

    The French manager has recently acquired a live salmon transportation business. We ask Agri Investor editor Matthieu Favas to tell us in which bucket the asset should sit.

    The parties battling for Itinere should keep in mind who they represent

    A tussle for the Spanish toll road operator could lead to a bitter public rift between compatriot Dutch and Canadian pension pots.

    Why IFM is not the only loser in WestConnex bid

    The Australian competition watchdog’s decision not to block Transurban’s offer cements the listed toll road operator’s position as the dominant player in the NSW market.

    Italy’s tragedy could become a litmus test for how populists deal with the private sector

    With the blame game in full swing, the country’s new government has not hesitated to politicise the Morandi Bridge collapse.

    Asset types should be driving open-ended funds, but geography still rules

    The demand for these structures has grown globally over the past 20 years. But will their popularity ever really take off outside Australia?

    Welcome to the golden age of infrastructure fundraising

    This will be a record year and 2019 could top it. As the market shifts up a gear, we consider the major themes impacting fundraising.

    Lessons from a decade in infra debt

    Westbourne Capital was one of the first pure-play infrastructure-debt managers when it was founded by a trio of former Hastings executives. On its 10th anniversary, founder and managing director David Ridley talks about increasing competition, LP appetite and what the future holds.