Q2 2011 league tables: Asia Pacific comes to the fore

The Asia Pacific region accounted for more than 27% of global infrastructure projects by value in the second quarter of 2011, second only to Western Europe and well ahead of third-placed North America.

The increasing maturity of the Asia Pacific region in an infrastructure context is hinted at in the second quarter 2011 league tables produced by InfrastructureInvestor Assets

In total, $65 billion worth of projects were recorded globally in the three-month period, with Asia Pacific finishing in second place with more than $17 billion worth of deals, giving it a market share of 27.4 percent. 

Whilst Western Europe retained its traditional position at the top of the table with a market share of 38.7 percent from $24.2 billion of deals, North America was a distant third with $8.9 billion of deals giving it a 14.2 percent share. Next came Central and Eastern Europe with 8.5 percent, the Middle East and Africa with 7.3 percent, and finally Latin America with 3.9 percent. 

Moreover, while Western Europe was helped to first place by the mega Tours-Bordeaux high-speed rail project, worth more than $11 billion, Asia Pacific was able to boast no less than five projects in the global top 10 in the second quarter. 

Even more strikingly, these five deals emerged from five different markets: New Royal Adelaide Hospital (Australia, $3.1 billion); Padma Bridge (Bangladesh, $2.9 billion); Jurong Aromatics Complex (Singapore, $2.4 billion); Da Nang Quang Ngai highway (Vietnam, $1.5 billion); and Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor I Khurja Kanpur (India, $1.5 billion). 

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