RFQ out for Indianapolis stormwater project

The Indianapolis Airport Authority is looking to partner with the private sector on a stormwater and wastewater project at the city’s international airport.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) is seeking to increase capacity and improve efficiency of the existing wastewater and stormwater systems at the Indianapolis International Airport.

IAA has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ), asking the private sector to submit innovative approaches with respect to any changes to the design, construction, finance, operations and maintenance of the existing systems.

“The procurement process is designed to allow respondents to be creative in offering solutions to handle and treat wastewater and stormwater, including the disposal of chemicals related to de-icing, and support the Authority’s desire to expand its infrastructure to serve future expansion needs both inside the airport fence and to nearby facilities,” IAA stated in the RFQ.

In addition to improving efficiency and increasing capacity of the water management systems, the Authority also wishes to partner with the private sector so that it can focus on new economic development as well as on its core business of owning and operating “a world-class facility” for private, commercial and business aviation.

IAA owns approximately 7,700 acres of land as part of the airport as well as a Conservation Management Area that is over 2,000 acres. The airport has marked specific acreage for economic development, which is intended to support aviation and create jobs in aviation-supported industries, according to the RFQ.

While the existing systems, which comprise storage basins, conveyances, control structures, and associated equipment are still able to address current needs, the agency expects the airport will see substantial growth in its airside operations over the next 10 years, which will increase demand for stormwater and wastewater management.

Those interested in the project have until May 11 to respond to the RFQ. The IAA expects to announce a shortlist of bidders this summer and to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) shortly thereafter. The agency hopes to name a preferred bidder by either year-end or beginning of 2016.