Sao Paulo launches five-airport PPP tender

The state's transport agency hopes the right to commercially develop and exploit the airports will draw strong interest for the $26m project.

The Brazilian state of Sao Paulo has launched a tender for the modernisation and upgrade of five of its airports through a single PPP contract. 

The state is seeking bids with a minimum investment of BRL90.1 million ($25.8 million; €22.7 million) over the 30-year contract term, BRL$32.4 million of which would be needed in the first four years. Alckmin said the state of Sao Paulo will provide financial support for payment of up to 50 percent of the fixed concession through the Agência de Fomento do Estado de São Paulo.

The concession includes the regional airports of Campo de Amarais/Campinas (requiring a R$27.5 million total investment), Comandante Rolim Adolfo Amaro/Jundiaí (requiring R$19.68 million), Gastão Madeira/Ubatuba (R$17.57 million), Antônio Ribeiro Noronha Jr/Itanhaém (R$15.18 million) and Arthur Siqueira/Bragança Paulista (R$10.14 million). Currently the airports are managed by Departamento Aeroviário do Estado de São Paulo and are geared toward general aviation with a focus on executive transportation and aerial taxiing. 

Works planned as part of the concession include improvements to system lanes, courtyards and signaling, renovations to passenger terminals, and the expansion of hangar infrastructure. The concession winner will also be charged with the operation and maintenance of the airports for the duration of the contract. 

In exchange for these commitments, the winning bidder will be allowed to benefit from airport activity rate-setting within the limits set by national aviation agency ANAC and through commercial exploitation of the airports and their surrounding land. 

ARTESP is seeking the largest fixed concession offer from both Brazilian and international companies, either individually or through consortia. Participants will, however, need to show that they have sufficient experience in management, operation, maintenance and airport security. The agency is seeking partners currently invested in airfields with combined minimal movement of at least 60,000 aircraft per year.

Submissions to participate in the tender are due to ARTESP by 22 June.