Siemens enters Asian venture market

After a year of due diligence, Germany’s Siemens Venture Capital is ready to extend its investment activities in Asia’s two fastest growing economies – China and India.

Germany’s electrical engineering and electronics group Siemens is ready to extend its venture capital investment activities to China and India after it started exploring opportunities a year ago, Sabine Zindera, vice-president of marketing and communications at Siemens Venture Capital (SVC), told PEO.

SVC aims to identify and finance investments in emerging and innovative technologies and market opportunities to enhance Siemen’s core business, and create attractive returns on the capital invested, according to a company statement.

“We are actively looking for interesting deals that fall within our investment focus. Our plan is to close at least two to three deals in China and India in the next twelve months,” Ralf Schnell, president and CEO of SVC, said in the statement.

Zindera said: “Some interesting deals are in the pipeline.”

SVC’s investment focus covers infrastructure technologies in the field of information and communications, medical solutions, automation and control, power, automotive technology, transportation systems and lighting.

Since inception in 1999, SVC has invested some €700 million ($843 million) in over 100 start-up companies and 30 venture capital funds, mainly in the US, Europe and Israel. Typically, the group will commit between €1 million to €5 million in each financing round, and the same will apply for investments in China and India, Zindera said.

In India, SVC has appointed Rajesh Vakil to oversee all venture related activities from offices in Bangalore and Mumbai. Vakil joined Siemens in 1992 and was active in corporate finance in India before he crossed over to SVC in Munich last summer, followed by a stint in California.

In China, Madeline Song, who joined the firm in July last year, will lead three investment professionals from Shanghai and Beijing.