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An ‘end to privatisation’ message helped elect New South Wales’ new Labor government – not for the first time in Australian state politics.
Presidents Biden and von der Leyen have finally reached a truce on the clean energy subsidy wars. They must now make sure they don’t create false economies. 
The latest report from the Clean Energy Council reveals the country’s energy transition has been 'throttled by years of policy uncertainty', CEO Kane Thornton says.
The Commission’s draft proposal might ‘halt’ German deployment for a year, in sign of unintended consequences to come.
The new government’s partnership with state governments to roll out billions in concessional finance is expected to accelerate Australia’s energy transition.
New renewable energy commitments Down Under sound great on the surface – but can they be delivered in time without costing consumers dearly?
US Capitol tax reform
Earlier efforts to reform carried interest taxation had stalled, before US Senator Joe Manchin announced on Wednesday that he and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had worked out a deal.
The ever-increasing divergence on issues such as clean power and ESG means much-needed infrastructure in the US will suffer.
breaking free, chain
With climate change policy weakened, revamping ESG to ward off the worst effects of global warming is now more critical than ever.
The asset class is set to shine with investors during this high inflationary period, but social and political pressures should be kept in mind.

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