Tenaska makes 470MW US wind purchase

The acquisition of three plants represents a major ramp-up of the company’s fledgling wind power portfolio.

US-based independent power producer Tenaska has acquired three wind farms with a total 470MW capacity from developer PRC Wind.

The company bought 270MW of wind in Minnesota and an additional 200MW in North Dakota, states ranked seventh and 11th respectively for wind capacity in the US.

“These wind projects are located in regions with both good wind resources and a growing need for renewables,” said Joel Link, Tenaska vice president of development, in a statement.

The deal will significantly scale-up Tenaska’s wind portfolio, which is currently restricted to the 81MW Elkhorn Ridge wind farm in Nebraska. Tenaska has previously developed 10GW of natural gas, solar and hydropower projects.

The acquired projects remain in development, which will be assumed by Tenaska, as well as the financing and operational management responsibilities.