Tenaska to launch marketing, development company

NGV America chairman Doug Clark will head the commercial activities of TNG Fuels, the new company Tenaska is launching in response to the growing use of natural gas fuels in the transportation sector.

Tenaska NG Fuels (TNG Fuels) is a new marketing and development company which Omaha, Nebraska-based Tenaska is launching to assist utilities and customers in various transportation industries to realise cost savings and meet new environmental regulations, the energy producer said in a statement.

Doug Clark, chairman of the trade organisation, Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGV America), and former president of municipal utility Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD), will head the new affiliate’s commercial activities.

The new company will also help customers manage commodity risk, build commercial arrangements and strategically site, develop and finance production and distribution facilities, according to the statement.

“The recent proliferation of shale gas production in the United States has made the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel very attractive compared to the traditional diesel fuel used in many types of engines,” Clark said.

While at MUD, Clark oversaw the fuel conversion of a fleet of 200 vehicles from gasoline and diesel fuel to compressed natural gas and the development of the infrastructure required to support it, including several public fuelling stations. MUD was one of the first municipal utilities to contract with a third party to market liquefied natural gas to companies transitioning to the fuel for operations or transportations.

“I was pleased to lead MUD’s early entry into the market and look forward to leveraging Tenaska’s international reach and strong reputation in the energy industry to develop and expand the NG fuels market,” Clark said.

“What the industry needs and what we have to offer are a great match – natural gas pipeline and downstream logistics expertise, a strong record of energy project siting and development, and a commitment to customer service in a credit-worthy package,” Tenaska chief executive and vice chairman Jerry Crouse said.

Founded in 1987, Tenaska is an independent energy company involved in asset acquisition and management; fuel supply; natural gas exploration, production, and transportation systems; and electric transmission development. Its affiliates include Tenaska Marketing Ventures, Tenaska BioFuels, Tenaska Power Services, and Tenaska Capital Management.