The II 50 Survey: How the largest infra GPs view the world

Earlier this week, we revealed the world's top infra GPs; today, we reveal what some of them are thinking.

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We’ve already revealed our 2020 iteration of the Infrastructure Investor 50, our annual ranking of infrastructure’s largest equity fund managers by assets raised.

And earlier this week, we published an interview with Martin Stanley, head of Macquarie Asset Management, the fund manager that has held the top spot since the ranking was launched in 2012.

In today’s presentation, you can gain some insight into what some of the world’s largest infrastructure managers are thinking when it comes to industry-specific topics such as digital infrastructure, renewables and the impact of covid-19 on the asset class. We also probed them on current events ranging from the US presidential election to racial inequity to the greatest challenges facing the infrastructure market today.

To download the presentation as a PDF, click HERE.