The II 50 View: Brexit

Will a no-deal Brexit stop you from investing in the UK?

  • A no-deal Brexit is likely to negatively impact the UK, but a robust supply of assets with strong infrastructure characteristics remain and are less likely to be affected.
  • No, but it may cause a reflective pause.
  • The UK will continue to be an attractive market: strong demand for infrastructure assets will continue to support the economy and the infrastructure market has strong credentials. It’s also one of the most mature in Europe.
  • We will continue to see infrastructure investments with or without Brexit. The UK will require substantial new capital investment to remain competitive, something the government cannot afford to tackle from its own balance sheet.
  • The UK will continue to be a large and important market with one of the most favourable regulatory and asset ownership regimes for infrastructure.
  • We continue to believe that the UK offers a broad and deep infra market with a stable political backdrop following the 2019 election result.
  • The United Kingdom will remain an attractive destination for investment, irrespective of the terms on which she leaves the European Union.
  • The UK will continue to be an appealing market. However, discount rates might be adjusted to reflect changing views of risk.
  • Yes (with the exception of digital infrastructure).
  • No, but in the near term, uncertainty around Brexit remains and there is increased political and regulatory uncertainty, hence we are very careful with new investments in the region, especially those which are of a regulated nature.
  • Not at all. We invest in mission critical infrastructure that is GDP de-linked and underpinned by long-term contracts backed by high-quality credit counterparties.