The II 50 View: The best presidential candidate for infra

Which presidential candidate would be more conducive to infrastructure investment in the US?

  • We’re looking to increase our renewables build-out, for which policy will be more supportive under a Democratic administration.
  • In the short term, probably Trump, who may use infrastructure investments as a way to boost the economic environment. Over the long term, though, Joe Biden may provide a more stable macro-political environment, which is more conducive to generating stable long-term returns from infrastructure.
  • Joe Biden, because he is not Donald Trump.
  • Donald Trump has made many bold promises but tends to shift priorities as the going gets tough. He has failed to persevere and deliver. Joe Biden may struggle to deliver his aspirational $2 trillion-plus of renewables and grid investment if the Democrats do not control the Senate but he could hardly be much worse than Trump.
  • Given continued conceptual support by both presidential candidates, and overall support on both sides of the aisle across the government, the prospects for passage of some form of federal infrastructure legislation remains high whoever wins in November.
  • Joe Biden because political stability is conducive to infrastructure investments worldwide.
  • Joe Biden, because he will be supportive of the development of renewables.
  • Donald Trump will generally be better for investment.
  • Joe Biden, since in 2016, Trump committed to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure, but limited progress has been made.